Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pretty things for Miss 9's room

Lately I've been trying to find some cute things for Miss K's room, to make it a little more "tween" with a sweet, innocent twist. I hate licensed products for my kids rooms. I know that comment won't be popular but thought I'd just put that out there. Elmo is probably the only exception. He's so cute!

So she had alot of colours going on & I was thinking the look was way, way too 'busy'. 
I'm talking colours: purple, pale pink, dark pink, blue, red, white, silver, etc. Too much. 
I'm hoping to leave it now as purpley, white and silver themed (with a bit of glitz). 
I'd really love to be able to get her a chandelier, but we have low cielings so it would have to be a very low one. They can also be extremely expensive, depending on what you find. She currently has a plain oyster light. Still a step up from the ceiling fan my partner used to nearly hit his head on when Miss K was a baby, LOL. I shouldn't laugh at that should I...

MIL loves to buy her things but they don't always match- ie. her blue & red bedspread. I am really trying to cut back on the clutter too. So I'm going to fire some of the stuff she buys her right back to her place. Miss K loves everything so I don't necessarily want to get rid of the things that she buys her, it's not about that.  I just want to be more selective of the things we do keep so that it complements the room more. 

Also, there was way too much furniture in there. Tonight, gone: bookshelf, chest of drawers, dressing table & some books. I'm too tired to do the major cleanup and declutter. The rest of it'll have to happen on the weekend. I did replace the small chest of drawers (that had toys in it) with the Tall Boy from my sons' room. His room now looks like a state of emergency. That too, shall have to wait for another day.

Here are some things I'd love to put in her room:
(it can be dangerous having a new Masters store only a street away)

Maddox light fitting- $49.97
Yuka Marie $100
I love this 3 piece bistro setting, just think it might be too matchy-matchy with her bed.
 Would be cute to set up with a unique doiley in the middle
- taking inspiration from La Belle Miette's tables in Hardware Lane. 

Ok, enough dreaming...here are some actual items I've purchased for her bedroom recently:

Professionally framed Impressionist prints $7.99 each - Savers Frankston
Gorgeous purple cover for Miss K's bedroom $6.95  - Mornington Salvos
White crochet cushion cover $3.99 - Brunswick Savers

Cute chandelier bedside light $19.99 - Aldi
(It's actually white, though it looks beige lit up here)

Silk carnations- Lincraft... I think?!

Happy Tuesday everyone. Hope your day was productive.


  1. Oh my you are sooo much girlier than me! Cute stuff tho! Love the chandelier idea!

  2. Yeah I'd have to get our Electrician out of retirement but I'm sure he'd pop over... I want another electricity outlet put in her room too so I can move things about more easily.

  3. I love the sweet chandelier lamp and her lovely bedhead! And I love exclamation marks too! Sarah xxx PS I hope you will consider removing the dreaded Word Verification from comments - it's awful to use and I promise you won't get spam without it - plus I will love you long time! Happy to help if you need any blogger support - just email me. xxx

  4. Hi Sarah- thankyou for your comment, I found your blog via Em (Vintage Sweetheart 90) and I think you're hillarious-come-fabulous.

    I think I turned the word verification off? please tell me that worked?! otherwise I shall have to look a bit further as to how to turn it off.

    Won't be too many posts this week/fortnight, had to work everyday thus far.