Saturday, August 4, 2012

Closing your eyes & being open to new things

Closing your eyes and being at one with the moment
Today we were off to Skating lessons. A short time ago at a Christmas in July dinner we 'accidentally' won an auction item to have a fully catered skating party. I thought this would be a good idea for something completely different for the kids to try. In the Summer months they participate in Little Athletics, and I have to say, it has been so beneficial for their development. I love my little people dearly, but they can be very unco-ordinated (take after my side in the genes with that!). Since doing Little Athletics Miss K has gone from more than a year behind her peers at school to the generally accepted level. I'm very pleased for her! Massive effort on her part really listening to her (fantastic) coach. She also struggles with remembering instructions properly so I've noticed an improvement there too. As well as her motivation to give things a go when before she would have written something off as being ready-made for the Too Hard Basket. Sport is very good for them on many levels.

So in preparation for tomorrow's party, in the weeks leading up to the big day I thought it would be a good idea to actually embrace this sport with a focus on balance, concentration, skill and attitude. Surprise, surprise, the one who struggles the most with co-ordination has seemed to have benefited the most. While the one who usually fares a little better in the co-ordination front is struggling. I think this is in part to do with Master J's listening skills. Little dude who is always in a hurry! Even in his sleep, it seems (he strained his thumb falling out of bed last night, poor bugger- as you can see him inspecting in the first picture. It looks hillarious because he looks like he's checking out his nails).

A few pics from how it went down -don't even get me started with the safety gear, they have the full kit but refuse to wear it. I'm slowly grinding them down on that front:

Life can be so rewarding when you give things a try and succeed.

Hope you all had an enjoyable Saturday, I'm signing off to watch my Saints tackle the Filthy Pies.


  1. Lovely.. apart from the bit about "Filthy Pies"...

  2. *chuckle* they is what they is...