Monday, August 20, 2012

An update and LOADS of pictures

Hi all, been a busy couple of weeks here. Mostly working. 
Time for a catch up. Get ready for photos. Lots of 'em.

This is me.. hi!
(leaving for the Red Hill Vintage Fair & Farmers Market)
Cardigan from a vintage store in Fitzroy- it might have been 'Currency' ?

More thifting. Get used to it- I LOVE IT!

I've (hopefully) got yet another project on the go for Miss K's room. I'm wanting to restyle a purple chenille bedspread, stitching doilies onto it to make it a little 'shabby chic' coverlet. If that doesn't work out, I might just try and make her some bunting with them. I have soaked them for a couple of hours in bleach, but some are just coloured too darkly for my liking. Here's the collection so far:

They're kinda like snowflakes- no two seem to be exactly the same

How cute are these hand-knitted, soft baby cardigans? Spotted at the Salvo's in Frankston. Very tempted last week when they were half price! (all clothing was, actually). Just never know if my taste is the same as my friends who have younger kids than mine. 
These would actually fit them- too small for my two.

Saw this fabric at Spotlight... excuse the photo, it's from my iPhone. Thought I might get some & attach it onto a big canvas. I might get another type of fabric (navy maybe?) and put his name on it as a feature. I wish I knew how to make this into an actual doona cover but worried the print might be 'too much' but it would look OK on the wall and not too overpowering. Am I making sense? His room is like a light sky powdery blue colour but it's very bright.

On the wall I think it would complement this pillow slip well (ignore the cream blanket- he stole that from the lounge room) and his lamp shade- not pictured.

Sound asleep on his birthday! Had to wake him up, he wasn't happy about it.

So that was last week. Onto our exciting weekend. We went to see the Napoleon exhibition and had high tea at the National Gallery of Victoria. I highly recommend it!! My little girl was in her element.

This painting took my breath away. So much so, we bought a print of it.
We've had quite alot of fun trying to decide where to place 'Our Napoleon'.

Onto the high tea:

 Mum and I started by enjoying a glass of Champagne (the real stuff!)

My mum and my daughter.

Nom nom nom. The flourless orange cakes were my favourite.

Finally, we finished the weekend with a walk on Balnarring beach. Then came home to have a lovely bath, play boardgames and have yummy vichyssoise soup for dinner. Hooray!

 What a brilliant time. What have you been up to?

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