Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First post!

Hello out there.
Like possibly millions before me, I'm composing my first ever blog post. It's not actually very scary at all, unlike the picture I'd painted inside my brain. I think it helps to know that I'm no wordsmith. Have finally decided to take the plunge and create a little version of my world on the Internet. In the last year or two I've read so many lovely blogs & I feel now would be a good time to release a little creativity. I hope to present a real version of the things I'm currently enjoying from day to day and hope I'll not present as being too narcissistic.

Allow me to introduce myself a little, my name is Chris, I'm 29 (very tempted to type 28, is that the age we women start lying about our ages, girls?! Because in my head I keep sticking with that number). Here's a few more things about me and things I like:

I live on the Mornington Peninsula, have always lived here, and I absolutely love it! 

Red Bluff at Mornington
 Together with my partner, our 2 kids & one furbaby. We've been very blessed with our 'pidgeon pair' one girl and one boy. My ying and yang, they're complete opposites. Sometimes this tests me a great deal but deep down I really love the fact they're truly their own little people.

The two loves of my life

 I do enjoy AFL footy, love my Saints!

Mighty sainters
I like music. I'd post a picture of Darren Hayes here but I'm too scared to break copyright.

I do enjoy arty crafty affairs (but I'm barely dipping my feet in the water in any of my endeavors).

My current obsession is opshopping and everything vintage. Love the idea of how it is recycling and repurposing things that would otherwise end up neglected OR landfill. I also love to hear stories of things passed down with love from one generation to another.

Vintage Shoes: The Vintage Shed
I also love flowers. Wish I wasn't so terrified about bugs & spiders, well anything creepy crawly really. Flowers feed your heart.

Pierre De Ronsaad rose from my backyard

And cooking, of course. I love food. Food nourishes the soul.

Some of my baking, savoury mini quiches
Tea towel: Provincial Home Living

Look forward to meeting some new bloggy types and interacting with you.